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Images tagged vibrating
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Size: 647x565 | Tagged: a hearth's warming tail, animated, loop, safe, screencap, snowfall frost, spoiler:s06e08, starlight glimmer, vibrating
106 154 3
Size: 1280x1400 | Tagged: animated, artist:slavedemorto, blushing, oc, oc:backy, princess luna, safe, sweat, tumblr, vibrating
146 207 9
Size: 520x360 | Tagged: animated, cropped, feeling pinkie keen, looking at you, pinkie pie, pinkie sense, safe, screencap, shaking, shuddering, solo, vibrating
87 126 66
Size: 111x166 | Tagged: animated, bipedal, cropped, feeling pinkie keen, fluttershy, party in the comments, pinkie pie, pinkie pie thread, pinkie sense, safe, screencap, seizure warning, seizure warning in comments, shaking, spike, vibrating
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